Corporate Responsibility

SecureBrand helps to increase the value of your brand.

A leader in secure shredding and recycling of corporate and fashion branded clothing. Providing bespoke services for the corporate and fashion sectors, our business is to ensure that your brand is protected.



Corporate Responsibility


 Our mission is to help brands increase in value by showing that they are responsibly disposing of their textile waste. There are many companies who can recycle clothes but unfortunately, where there is an associated value in a brand, often this is taken advantage of in a dishonest and unethical way. Brands have been devalued, seeing their values reduced through their own clothing being sold illegally on the market. Corporate organisations have likewise had their brands damaged by having their branded clothing worn to disguise illegal and unethical conduct for the gain of unscrupulous individuals. We work to prevent that from happening but, most importantly, do this responsibly in an ethical and innovative way through secure destruction and then the recycling of the shredded material.



Why Corporate Responsibility is important


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