A leader in secure shredding and recycling of corporate and fashion branded clothing. Providing bespoke services for the corporate and fashion sectors, our business is to ensure that your brand is protected.

What Service Do We Provide?

At SecureBrand we provide secure destruction for organisations who are concerned to protect their brand alongside meeting the corporate and ethical responsibilities which are faced globally for the protection of our environment.


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SecureBrand ensure that brand value is upheld through asset and profit protection measures in the specialist destruction of items of value such as clothing and brand associated goods. With an established reputation of security, integrity and sustainability organisations who choose to partner with SecureBrand can be assured that these core values are upheld throughout any destruction process. Bringing new ideas and strategic innovation to the marketplace through clearer audibility and exclusive recycling techniques SecureBrand have secured partnerships with some of the largest and most recognised brands for their protection and sustainable destruction requirements.